Performance car clutches

We are constantly sourcing new performance automotive clutches to suit many different types of motor racing, from daily driver, to strip, to drift track racing. If you need something more than a standard car clutch, we can help.

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Buy affordable performance car clutches in New Zealand

We sell performance car clutches at the most affordably priced clutch retailer in New Zealand. Our prices are so competitive that, if for some reason you do find a cheaper price on the same stocked item, we will beat it by 5%.

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Factory tested equipment

You can be sure that all clutch components are tested with precision before you receive them.

Clamp Pressure – pressure down onto clutch plate

Ride height of diaphragm – if this is wrong, the clutch will lose pressure

Release factor – Travel needed to release clutch plate

Run out test – to test that the plate hasn’t been bent in transit

These are just a few tests we can supply that most clutch retailers can’t. That’s why we back our products with a full 15 months or 25,000 km warranty (the national standard is 12 months or 20,000 km).

Conditions apply. Standard replacement clutches only.

Local expertise and experience

Andrew Coughlin is the owner and managing director of Drew’s Automotive with over 22 years of experience in the automotive clutch industry. Based in Wellington the company is a dedicated wholesaler of performance car clutches.

Our huge range of products are sourced from a worldwide network of suppliers and distributors, ensuring our customers have access to quality clutches at affordable prices.

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