** STAGE 4.5 CLUTCH KIT – “SWAGGLE CERAMIC” 260Kw or 600Nm **


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** STAGE 4.5 CLUTCH KIT – “SWAGGLE CERAMIC” 260Kw or 600Nm **

Best suited for high Performance Street driving and track use. Features a heavier Diaphragm pressure plate which will have between 55% more clamp load more clamp load clamp load over standard specifications, this kit is paired with a “Swaggle Ceramic Sprung Center” clutch plate with modulation between two ceramic linings, to make engagement smoother than a normal puk plate.



**Way Better Clamp Load than Factory OEM.

**9-inch design that bolts to original OEM flywheel patten.

** Slightly on/off engagement not to aggressive!!

**Better Torque Holding Capacity by 55%

**Co-Efficient of lining friction material “Ceramic” 0.38

** Max Power Rating for this unit **

This kit is rated to 260KW or 600NM MAX and is Ductile anti burst steel!!

** Drivability of this Clutch **

This is a slightly on/off Ceramic option. It has 8 Ceramic buttons on each side with a sprung center hub designed to look after your drivetrain with a small amount of modulation for smoother engagement.


The Clutch kit consists of a Heavy Duty Ductile 9inch 2520lb Pressure Plate, Swaggle Ceramic Sprung Plate, Release Bearing and Alignment Tool.



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